We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our work, and our attention toward our clients. Our IP attorneys have expertise in technology and engineering, and we are devoted in helping our clients navigate the complex IP world.

We provide IP services with patent prosecution, patent portfolio management, patent counseling, post-grant proceedings, patent licensing, patent infringement risk analysis and mitigation, and enforcement against IP infringers.

We draft high-quality patent applications with strategic claims and descriptions, zealously prosecute patent applications before SIPO, USPTO, JPO, EPO, KRIPO, AUIPO, etc. We deliver value and enforceability to our clients.

We are able to monitor our clients’ potential infringers’ activities, gather intelligence to support enforcement and licensing of our clients’ patents, watch our clients’ competitors’ patent applications and set road blocks to prevent them from becoming threats.

We are able to analyze the threat of patent infringement, provide our opinion about the validity of the threat, and recommend actions to defeat or reduce the threat, or even fight back on our clients’ behalf.

We manage and grow our clients’ patent portfolios to build a strong fence around our clients’ core technologies and markets, contain our clients’ competitors with strategically placed patents, help our clients capture patentable ideas and establish internal procedures for managing inventions.

We evaluate our clients’ patents for their quality and value, actively seek potential licensees and buyers of our clients’ patents, and negotiate the terms of the sale or license on our clients’ behalf.

We can search for patents that pose infringement risks to our client, assess these risks, provide freedom-to-operate opinions, recommend strategic solutions to mitigate these risks,and integrate this service into our clients’ entire product development processes, from idea generation to commercialization.

We respect and appreciate our clients, pay full personal attention to it and deliver high-quality work products, on time and on budget no matter how big or how small a client matter is.

We cut costs that do not contribute to our clients’ interest, without sacrificing the quality of our work products. The savings are passed to our clients.

We are candid and honest with our clients, providing each matter a clear, upfront cost estimates in good faith, and carefully handling it by experienced professionals.