We have originated a unique patent agency quality guarantee system, ensuring error-free patent translation and perfect patent drafting to eliminate enforcement loopholes. Our patent applications, on behalf of our domestic and foreign clients, have a near 100% granting rate. Our firm ranks at the top in our field in this regard.

We have an invention of a utility model patent drafting to protect “method invention” or “mental activity”, something previously considered impossible in China. We have successfully obtained over 120 such utility model patent certificates using our unique approach. Our president WANG Jinglin is the only Chinese patent attorney who can do so.

We have innovations in counterplead doctrines in patent litigation in Chinese courts, such as "Implied License", "Induced Infringement" and "Fraudulent Facts Embedded in Authentic Evidence", enabled us to prevail in many cases where we seemed to be at a disadvantage.Our case studies were published in top international journals, such as Japan’s AIPPI Journal. These new doctrines, which we originated in China, have had an impact in China’s IP industry; some have even been incorporated into judicial interpretations, such as Guidelines for Patent Infringement Determination (2017) of Beijing High People’s Court.

We have created a new business method for applying for US patents, which stimulates interest among Chinese SMEs to apply for US patents. This unprecedented approach not only reduces patent application costs, but also improves the quality of patents.

Our unique expertise in patent litigation can be seen in the many victories we obtained for our clients in many levels of China’s courts, especially Chinese Supreme Court. The scope of our defense goes beyond standard textbooks; we study cases from around the world and incorporate the latest successful case law into our defense, so we always stay at the forefront in my field of endeavor in China. This is how we are able to win even the most difficult cases.

We have never had any translation error in my patent applications for foreign clients, so nearly 100% of our applications are granted.

In addition to obtaining patents for nearly all of our filed applications, they were drafted in such a water-tight fashion so as not to have any loopholes or be invalidated in the future. This patent drafting expertise protects our clients whenever they need to appear in court to defend their IP rights.

We have a high winning percentage in litigation, we are even able to obtain utility model patents for method inventions. Instead of accepting the patent law at face value, we created a way to describe methods and ideas as structural features, which enables our clients to receive a fast utility model patent protection. It is viewed as a miracle in our field, and is not easily replicated by peers.