Honors & Awards of our President

Guest Professor / Visiting Professor, International IP Research Center, Xihua University

International Patent Forum, Xihua University, Chengdu, China, July 4, 2018




China Entrepreneur with IP Agency Business Method Innovation,

4th TV“China Influence Brand”Awarding Ceremony &

2018 Chinese Enterprise Credit Forum,May 22, 2018





China Integrity & Trustworthy Business Service Leader,

15th China Creditable Entrepreneurs Forum &

7th China Entrepreneurs Conference,April 28, 2018





IP Industry:2017-2018 China Top 10 Entrepreneurs Who are Experts themselves

The 15th China Brand Conference &

China Entrepreneurship Annual Awarding Ceremony., Jan. 25, 2018







2017 China National Prize of Outstanding Contribution in Scientific Management,

The 12th China Annual Meeting of Outstanding Managers &

2017 China Academic Annual Conference of Progress in Science and Technology Management, Nov.25, 2017




2016 All China Outstanding Figure on IP Agency Management Innovation,

The 9th Chinese Management Science Conference, July 9, 2016



Second Prize of China academic article competition

titled “An Original Business Method for Rapidly Obtaining US Patents with Higher Quality and Lower Cost”

the 12th China Annual Meeting of Outstanding Managers, November 25, 2017





Third Prize of 2005-2006 academic papers solicited from China National IP Industry.

titled “International Patent War: A series of Lawsuits with Defeated Patentee”, June 26, 2006




Third Prize of the 4th China National Congress of the China Intellectual Property Society &

2004 Annual Academic Conference thereof.

titled Case Study on Pseudo Patent Infringement and Defenses Available for Accused Infringer”, May 21, 2004